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Geriatric Hoofjack® Hoof Stand

$165.00 USD



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 Application & Uses

The Geriatric Hoofjack® Hoof Stand is intended for the horse with severely limited range of motion that would normally require you to work off the toe of your boot.The Geriatric includes a Mini base, Geriatric Cradle and a Geriatric Post. The Geriatric Cradle and Post have been designed to provide the lowest possible settings in a Mini base.The Geriatric cradle will accommodate ponies to small drafts.


Please note: because of the smaller diameter of the mini base you will not have the full stability under the horse that the Standard or Medium base provides, however, in these severe geriatric/lame conditions the horse is generally not going anywhere and welcomes the opportunity to rest on something solid. Using the Mini base under a full size horse will require more attention to proper placement under the horse to achieve stability.



Hoofjack® is only for use on horses that have been trained to submit their foot to the handler.

For safety and stability, one or both feet of the user should always be on the stand when in use.

Working with and around horses may be hazardous. Equine Innovations Inc. is not responsible for damages that may occur due to the use of this product.

Do not leave a horse with it's foot on the stand unattended!



Comfort for your horse, Ease for your body 

Made in the USA by a farrier with over 35 years experience.